FileBack PC 4.1
Fast & Flexible Backup Software for Microsoft Windows
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FileBack PC Knowledge Base

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How To: I would like to use Windows XP's CD burning capability with FileBack PC

3061 (52%)

How To: How to backup Microsoft Exchange server data

3040 (47%)

How To: Start with no configuration or Restore/Rebuild a configuration file

2954 (100%)

How To: How to run FileBack PC as a Windows Service

2617 (63%)

How To: I have multiple PCs on my network running FileBack PC. How can I easily update FileBack PC to a new version on all of them?

2381 (64%)

How To: I would like to see a list of computers on my network using the same registration code.

2175 (50%)

How To: Can FileBack PC be run under a limited user account?

2175 (52%)

How To: I understand that I can insert variables into backup paths and other locations

2140 (50%)

How To: I would like to backup data created by a program that leaves its files open (such as Microsoft Outlook, Quicken, etc).

2118 (52%)

How To: I would like to restore a file which has been backed up by FileBack PC

2075 (50%)

How To: FileBack PC is asking me if I want to backup an open file when a backup job is run

2033 (50%)

General: Directories created inside FileBack PC program directory

2257 (50%)

General: Various files created by FileBack PC

2059 (50%)

FAQ-Features: Why doesn't FileBack PC support .ZIP compression?

3119 (50%)

FAQ-Features: Does FileBack PC work with Windows Vista?

2757 (64%)

FAQ-Features: How does FileBack select which files to backup?

2555 (75%)

FAQ-Features: Are there any issues with Windows XP Service Pack 2 that I should be aware of?

2291 (53%)

FAQ-Features: Does FileBack support spanning across multiple media? Does FileBack support spanning across multiple media?

2279 (33%)

FAQ-Features: The files I would backup change a lot. Are all versions of every file kept?

2234 (50%)

FAQ-Features: What is the advantage of keeping multiple versions of each file?

2159 (14%)

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