FileBack PC 4.1
Fast & Flexible Backup Software for Microsoft Windows
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FileBack PC Knowledge Base

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Behavior: Occasionally when FileBack PC is running a backup, it locks up or reboots the computer

3349 (77%)

Behavior: My backup jobs are not showing up in the restoration / cleanup wizards

3307 (75%)

Behavior: I am unable to include or exclude filenames with no extension

3296 (100%)

Behavior: Clicking on a button on the Microsoft Office Shortcut Bar launches FileBack PC

3009 (14%)

Behavior: FileBack PC is disconnecting my network drives

2842 (61%)

Behavior: My backup job options appear to be set properly and the backup appears to run, but no files are being copied

2803 (46%)

Behavior: I have a synchronization backup job set to delete files, but it isn't doing it

2802 (53%)

Behavior: FileBack PC is set to keep (xx) copies of a file, but it is keeping many more, or it is creating file revisions while in Synchronization mode

2767 (50%)

Behavior: I told FileBack PC to never display a specific dialog box again (or the timeout is too fast to react to it), but now I need access to it or to change its settings

2763 (56%)

Behavior: I set a backup job to run automatically when recognized media is inserted, and eject it when it is done. But I need to edit the backup job or restore from it

2762 (50%)

Behavior: Unable to map a NetWare drive which uses NDS

2740 (53%)

Behavior: I am getting a Startup Warning message

2725 (50%)

Behavior: FileBack PC is making multiple connections to a network resource, or connecting on the wrong drive letter

2695 (16%)

Behavior: I run the FileBack PC installer, but an installer for another application comes up instead

2677 (28%)

Behavior: Backups to or from a single type of media (floppy, CD-ROM, network, removable) drives are not being run

2573 (55%)

Behavior: No automatic backups (timed or auto-backup on change) are working

2536 (50%)

Behavior: FileBack PC causes my Internet dialer to open

2477 (37%)

Behavior: Scheduled events are not being run

2377 (36%)

Warning: "Name/Path of File "MyFile" too long; compression/encryption and revisioning disabled for this file."

2737 (50%)

How To: I would like to exclude specific folders from my backup

3948 (61%)

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