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My backup job options appear to be set properly and the backup appears to run, but no files are being copied

(1) FileBack PC only copies differences between the source and destination directory.  If no files have been created or changed since the last backup no files will be backed up.

(2) Be sure that the file attribute settings in the backup job editor are set properly.  There are three settings for each attribute: unchecked, a GRAY checkmark, and a BLACK checkmark.  This can be confusing, and some users are tempted to set all options with a BLACK checkmark, which effectively tells FileBack PC to backup files only if all of the selected file attributes are set, a very rare occurrence and certainly not the way you wish to have FileBack PC behave.  If you want to backup all files, make sure that the options are all set with GRAY checkmarks (click each option twice more), telling FileBack PC to ignore the settings of the source files, and leave the attributes on the destination files unchanged.  These options are found in the advanced backup job editor, Advanced Criteria page.

(3) Check your file date or size settings to make sure that the files you are backing up would be included based on the behavior selected.  If in doubt, uncheck all options.  These options are found in the advanced backup job editor, Advanced Criteria page.

(4) The file specification options may be set in such a way that the files you wish to backup are not included.  In version 3.x, click the Highlight button to see which files would be included based on the entered specification.  (Version 4.0 automatically shows which files are to be included.)  Use the specification editor (the "..." button) to change the settings.  File specification settings are processed left through right (top to bottom in the editor), with the last specifications listed overriding the previous specifications (e.g. *.* !*.tmp includes all files except those ending in .tmp)

(5) Some types of backups can be disabled to correspond with the particular hardware environment you are working with.  If these options are set incorrectly backups may not take place.  To check to see what types of backups are available, select "Enable/Disable Features" under the "Tasks" menu of the main window(version 4.0).

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