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FileBack PC Knowledge Base

I am getting a Startup Warning message

Whenever you receive a "Startup Warning" error message it is indicating that FileBack PC is not shutting down properly on your computer.  This same message also appears if your copy of FileBack PC is not starting up properly. 

There is a diagnostic code listed as part of the Startup Warning message.  For this code to appear in the first place the same diagnostic code must be recorded by FileBack PC three times in a row, indicating a continuing problem.  This code indicates the last operation performed by FileBack PC the last time it was loaded.  If you are experiencing startup issues this code will indicate the step in the startup process which is failing. For other issues, including improper shutdown, it may be a coincidence that the same diagnostic code is coming up each time, or an indication that the same operation is occurring when FileBack PC is being prevented from shutting down.

Startup Issues

If FileBack PC will not startup properly on your computer please note the diagnostic code listed at the bottom of the "Startup Warning" screen.  A few of the codes you might see are:

  • Set Mutex: This is an indicator that there may be an issue with multiple copies of FileBack PC running on the same computer (the Mutex is an internal indicator used by FileBack PC to determine if multiple copies are running). 
  • Service Check/Shutdown: FileBack PC may be having difficulty checking for and closing the FileBack service on your computer.  Please make sure your user account has sufficient privileges to start and stop system services.
  • Build Device List: One of the features of FileBack PC is to monitor changes in your hardware configuration and allow backup operations to respond to these changes.  A failure reading the portions of the system registry containing this information may lead to this diagnostic code.  Please take steps to scan your hard disk drive and registry for damage, and repair as necessary.
  • Get Serials: To keep track of the available disks in your system and make sure that backups are using the proper drives FileBack PC maintains a list of serial numbers on each of your drives in your computer.  If FileBack PC is giving this diagnostic code one or more of your disk drives is not responding to FileBack PC's requests for a disk's serial number.  Please be sure that all disks on your system are readable.
  • Read Config: FileBack PC is having difficulty reading its configuration file.  Please (temporarily) rename your FileBack.FBCfg file and re-launch FileBack PC. 
  • Load Log: One or more of the log files used by FileBack PC cannot be read.  These files are stored in the Logs folder in your FileBack PC program folder.  Temporarily rename your Logs folder and re-launch FileBack PC.

Improper FileBack PC Shutdown

Common codes associated with improper shutdowns include:

  • Job Completion or Device Change End: FileBack PC was most likely idle when it was forcibly closed.  If the FileBack PC program is ended abnormally by the Task Manager, or your computer is reset without being properly shutdown you may see one of these codes.  To prevent this warning message from appearing again and to make sure that FileBack PC is able to keep its backup jobs and statistics current please be sure that FileBack PC is closed properly.

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