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I am unable to include or exclude filenames with no extension

In versions of FileBack PC up through the December 20, 2006 release, files that do not include a file extension cannot easily be included or excluded from a backup.  For example, if you wish to exclude NTLDR from a backup of C:\, normally you would add "!NTLDR" to the file inclusion list for a backup job.  Due to a bug in the way that FileBack PC process wildcards, however, this entry is not considered a filename match.  To include or exclude files without an extension, add a period character to the end of the file specification: "!NTLDR."


Internally the way that FileBack PC processes wildcards is considerably different than the way that Windows handles them.  For example, in Windows, to include all files you must use *.*, as this is the wildcard specification used in the days of MS-DOS.  The root filename and its extension are processed separately.  However, when Windows 95 was released with long filename support, files could have multiple extensions (multiple period characters) so the old rules of processing wildcards no longer applied, but to maintain backward compatibility and avoid confusion amongst its customers Microsoft chose to continue to support *.* as the standard way of selecting all files. 

FileBack PC, on the other hand, processes wildcard specifications literally: *.* would mean "include all files that include a period character as part of the name" but clearly this is not what the user intends, so FileBack PC must do some translation of what is entered to what is intended.  In this case, *.* is actually translated internally to just a single asterisk, as the true meaning of this is "include everything."

As part of that translation, files with no extensions automatically have a period character (.) added to the end of their name internally so the old DOS convention of using *. to select all files with no extension would be processed correctly.  This has a negative side effect when trying to include or exclude files without an extension.  So in the case of NTLDR mentioned above, the correct way to exclude this file would be "!NTLDR." (with the period character at the end of the name).  Any time you wish to include or exclude a file with no extension with versions of FileBack PC up to and including the December 20, 2006 release, you must manually add a period character to the end of the criterion: "My File" becomes "My File." and excluding "My Temp File" becomes "!My Temp File."

Versions of FileBack PC released after December 2006 add additional internal translation capabilities so the extra period is no longer necessary.

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