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How to backup Microsoft Exchange server data

Method 1

Now that FileBack PC supports backing up files which are in use (10-Jun-2005 and newer releases; Enterprise edition, Windows XP/2003 required), you do not need to stop services to backup the files used by Exchange.  Just go to the "Behavior Options" page of the Advanced Backup Job Editor, and in the section at the bottom below the option list ("Backup of Open Files"), select "Make a Shadow Copy" for the "When encountering a locked file" setting.

Method 2

FileBack PC 4.0 can start and stop system services before and after a backup, or as part of an event (Enterprise edition required to start and stop services locally, Administrator edition required for remote services).

To stop and restart these services as part of an event, import this action list file.  You will find the new event listed under the "Rules" page.  Be sure to "Add" an action to the rule to run the backup job, and drag and drop that action above the "Restart Services" entry.

If you wish to configure this for a specific backup job, use the Advanced Backup Job Editor, select the "Pre-Backup" page, click "Edit Stop Service List" under "Stop Services", and add these services, in this order:

MSPOP3Connector, MSExchangeES, MSExchangeIS, MSExchangeMTA, MSExchangeMGMT, MSExchangeSA, RESvc, SMTPSVC, W3SVC, HTTPFilter, IMAP4Svc, NntpSvc, POP3Svc, MSFtpsvc, IISADMIN, WinHttpAutoProxySvc

Depending on your particular configuration, more services may need to be added, and you may not be running all of the services listed above.  Be sure to enable the "Restart the stopped services at the end of the backup" option so you can once again send and receive email when the backup completes.

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