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FileBack PC Knowledge Base

I have multiple PCs on my network running FileBack PC. How can I easily update FileBack PC to a new version on all of them?

You have a few options:

(1) Use the Administrator edition of FileBack PC to remotely upgrade Enterprise edition installations with Remote Administration turned on.

(2) If you wish to install the updates as soon as they are made available, each PC can be set to download the updates from our web site automatically.  See the "Product Update Options" on the Preferences page to make updates install automatically.

(3) If you wish to control when the updates are deployed or have a large number of PCs, FileBack PC can be set to download the updated files from a server on your local network:

  1. On a centrally located PC (or server), create a folder to contain the update files, and share this folder so it is accessible for read access by everyone on the network.
  2. The update files can be downloaded to this folder (or another folder if you wish to evaluate the upgrade before deploying - just copy them to the upgrade folder when you're ready to deploy) by holding down the SHIFT key when clicking on the "Update Now" button under the Product Update options screen (Preferences page)
  3. Under the "Product Update" options (Preferences page) of each client PC, set the update location to Local Area Network, and specify the appropriate network share location, username, and password information. To deploy the appropriate product update options without reconfiguring configuration files, copy the newly created UpdateSource.dat file to your client PCs.

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