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I don't see any options which allow me to select a full or incremental backup. Why not?

FileBack PC, while capable of running these type of backups, is designed to take a completely different approach to backing up your files.  The traditional approach is to run a backup of all files at semi-frequent intervals, then backup only files which have changed between those intervals.  FileBack PC, on the other hand, combines the advantages of both types of backup.  When FileBack PC runs, it compares the source data with the destination data, and only backs up those files which are different.  What this means is that the first time a backup is run, all files are backed up (because they don't exist in the destination location), and every time thereafter only the files which are different are backed up.

If you do need to run the traditional full and incremental backup, you may do so however by following these steps:

  1. First, create a backup job for your full backup.

  2. In this backup job, make sure the "Clear Archive on Source" option is checked on the "Advanced Criteria" category page of the Advanced Backup Job Editor (all other File Attribute options set with a grayed checkmark).

  3. Save the changes and exit the Backup Job Editor by clicking "OK"

  4. Make a copy of this entry (right-click on it in the Backup Jobs list and select Copy Job).  This will be your incremental backup.

  5. In the new backup job check the "Archive" attribute under "Attributes / Source Files / Backup If" with a black checkmark (Advanced Criteria category page).  We recommend also changing the job name to reflect that it is for performing incremental backups.

  6. Create new Rules using Schedules as their triggers to set these backup jobs to run.

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