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I would like to backup data created by a program that leaves its files open (such as Microsoft Outlook, Quicken, etc).

There are three options available: 

(1) Using the Enterprise Edition of FileBack PC on Windows 2000 or newer, go to the Behavior Options page of the Advanced Backup Job Editor.  Below the long list of options, change the "When Encountering a Locked File" setting to "Make a Shadow Copy".  Click OK to save the changes to the job.


(2) Purchase and install St. Bernard Software's Open File Manager which works with FileBack PC.


(3) Shutdown the application locking the file so the lock is released.  This option requires the Enterprise edition of FileBack PC 4.0, release date 20-Jan-2005 or newer.

  1. In the Advanced Backup Job Editor, navigate to the "Pre-Backup" category page. 
  2. Under "Close Applications" click the "Edit List" button. 
  3. The drop-down arrow of the "Application .EXE File" field will provide a list of applications that are currently running and visible.  Otherwise, click the "..." browse button to select the .EXE file of the application to close. 
  4. Click "Add" to add the application to the list.
  5. Configure the various options at the bottom of the screen. 
  6. Click OK to save the changes.

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