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FileBack PC Knowledge Base

I would like to restore a file which has been backed up by FileBack PC

FileBack PC offers several options for restoring data.  But in all cases in order to restore a file, FileBack PC has to know how the file was backed up.  This information is contained within a backup job.  If the backup job which created a backup does not exist you will need to restore your previous configuration (FileBack.FBCfg) file, or recreate the backup job manually.  Once this is done, choose one of the following restoration methods:
  • From the "Tasks" menu or tab page, select "File Restoration Wizard...," "Restore Files Manually...," or "Decode .FBCB Files..."
  • From the "Wizards" menu, select "File Restoration Wizard..."
  • From the "Backup Jobs" tab page, click on the backup job which created the backup.  Next, either right-click on the entry and select "Restore Backup Files...," or click the "Restore" button.

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