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FileBack PC Knowledge Base

Access is Denied error message

The "Access is Denied" error is an error indicating that FileBack PC or the user account under which it is running does not have sufficient permissions to access a file, a portion of the registry, or to perform a command on your computer.

Under the default installation FileBack PC attempts to add itself to a user group called Backup Operators, which on a normal Windows installation has access to all files on the computer (so backups can include all files).  However, if the permissions of files on a computer have been altered in such a way that this backup group is excluded, or if FileBack PC is denied entry into the group, it might be denied access to files you intend to backup. 

If the Backup Operators group membership is getting in the way of backups working properly, open FileBack PC's preferences (File  / Preferences), go to the Advanced tab, and turn off the "Run FileBack PC with 'Backup Operators' security privileges."

For non-backup operations (general housekeeping operations) you could potentially get an "Access is Denied" error if FileBack PC is running under an account that does not have Write and Delete permissions for the C:\Program Files\FileBack PC folder or the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Maximum Output Software\FileBack PC registry keys.  If this is the case, have the system administrator grant these rights to this folder and registry key.

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