FileBack PC 4.1
Fast & Flexible Backup Software for Microsoft Windows
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FileBack PC Knowledge Base

Why are updates for FileBack PC posted so frequently?

There are several reasons that updates to FileBack PC are posted to our web site frequently:

  • FileBack PC is under continual development.  When we come up with (or have users suggest) great ideas for new features or other changes we go ahead and make them and make those new features available to our customers as soon as we are confident they will work as designed.
  • No piece of software is perfect.  Every piece of software released has bugs.  We are no exception.  We can't test our software under every possible hardware and software configuration on everyone's PCs.  We do our best to test software in-house before releasing it, but just like everyone else, some bugs do sneak through.  When we are made aware of a bug, we try to fix it and get the fixed version up on our web site as quickly as possible so fewer people will experience the problem, and those experiencing the problem will have a remedy more quickly.
  • We have experienced working with software companies that allow bugs to go unfixed, and new features 'under wraps' for long periods of time.   We have chosen to not put our customers through long delays in being able to get these updates.

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