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Can I use FileBack PC to mirror my hard disk? Can I use FileBack PC to mirror my hard disk? Can I use FileBack PC to mirror my hard disk?

This depends on your system configuration. FileBack PC may not able to backup files locked by the operating system or other applications without help from an additional software utility (4.0 Enterprise edition running on XP/2003 excepted), so if critical files are opened and locked in such a way that they cannot be copied then your backup will be incomplete. If you intend to backup your system drive, please pay attention to the following: If you are running Windows 95/98/Me and no other software, the only locked file should be your system swap file which can safely be omitted and still have a completely usable backup. If you are running Windows NT/2000/XP, there are critical system files which cannot be opened while Windows is running. In order to perform a backup of these files the copy of Windows on the drive must not be running.

If you are making a copy of a drive that is not your system boot drive and no files are currently locked by an applications, FileBack PC should be able to copy all files.

Because FileBack PC (and nearly every other backup utility) works at a file level rather than the disk sector level, disk boot sectors and partition information cannot be copied. Boot sectors are usually easily recreated using a SYS or FIXBOOT command from an MS-DOS prompt or the System Recovery Console.

If you require a bit-for-bit copy of your hard drive, you should probably be looking for a disk imaging utility rather than a backup utility. If you require a backup of the files on your disk, FileBack PC will probably meet your needs.

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