FileBack PC 4.1
Fast & Flexible Backup Software for Microsoft Windows
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Product Summary

Backup and synchronize files with media you are already familiar with: hard drives, removable drives, or network drives. Backup, mirror disks, or add file versioning capability to Windows. 

Find out more on the the feature listing page, frequently asked questions page, by looking at screen shots, and place your order on our order pageWhat's new in version 4.1?

Common Uses for FileBack PC
  • Keep extra copies of your music, email, pictures, documents in multiple locations.
  • Keep files on your notebook and desktop PCs synchronized.
  • Go back "5 versions" of a particular file.
  • Copy your documents to a network server for universal access or centralized backup storage.
  • Keep a copy of your documents on a CD or DVD. (Windows XP/Vista or extra software may be required.)
  • Synchronize files between a home and work PC.
  • Backup your files over the Internet using a Virtual Private Network connection.
Major Features
  • Keep multiple versions of backup files.
  • Backup files stored in original, compressed, or encrypted format.
  • Automatically backups files within seconds of saving them.
  • Restore files to the way they existed at any point in time.
  • Create scripts to backup in response to numerous triggers, e.g. a schedule or inserting a disk device.

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April 15
Version 4.1 Updated [changes]

January 20
Version 4.1 Updated

December 12
Version 4.1 Updated

September 17
Version 4.1 Updated

July 12
Version 4.1 Updated

May 24
Version 4.1 Updated

February 4
PLUS edition licenses now available

January 22
Version 4.1 Updated

Jun 28, 2007
Version 4.1 Released

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